CSL Corporate Values

A message from our C.O.O. – Richard Whitehead

CSL Software Solutions Inc. is celebrating 10 years of operation in the USA, based in Burlington, Vermont. Though a beautiful part of the world, the sometimes extreme climate and terrain reminds us that innovation, resourcefulness, determination, and good planning are essential skills — in business, and life in general. CSL is an agile and responsive technology partner with the capacity to make a real step change in your effectiveness, with developments customized to your individual needs.

With this new website, we have an opportunity to thank our existing customers for their loyalty, collaboration and continued business. For those considering engaging CSL as a technology partner, here’s what we stand for:

Customer service is our number one priority. We value smart work and innovation.

We value our customers’ feedback, and never “off-shore” work to countries that remunerate similarly-skilled associates at a lower level. We’d rather use smart technology locally than use lower-paid workers in offshore locations.

CSL is a privately held company, so we don’t have to keep investors happy — just you – our customers.

If you can imagine a solution, we can make it happen. There’s no limit to our horizons and what we can achieve for you, our customers.

Thank you, and have a great day!
Richard Whitehead